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As it can take some weeks to obtain the Permission ( even if it’s “permitted developement “)

A lot of people don’t know that you still have to inform the local authority for a Permitted Developement Extension below 3 Metres out .

Yes there Are permitted developement guidelines but you still need Permitted developement Permission 

They can and will make you go through a retrospective planning application if you fail to do so.

We came across such a situation at a job where we were fitting the Kitchen

The owners had many sleepless nights waiting for the council to either tell them to tear the new conservatory down or to alter it

Fortunately there were minor compromises in the end 

But it could have gone Very badly against them

Let us take the strain off you for a couple of hundred quid extra 😊 we will fill in the papers and meet with the council in order to make sure you fully comply 

Planning permission should be a formality and FULL planning may not be required However Building Regulation ALWAYS is required 

If and when you sell your property later Solicitors  will want to see both

If the latter are not present your house sale could fail or be Devalued 

To be continued ..........

Regards Andrew


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